Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Why Southern Turkey ?

2007 Why Southern Turkey ?

LastDayWatchers Turkey (southern Turkey to be more precise) in now at the doorstep of Iraq with the popular support of the people (think ummah) to bring a destabilizing action to what the United State thought was a success (they even handed over security to the Kurds) in what was billed as a"model" for Iraq
(That is the lie the failed leaders believe)

The Beast has different plan, notice how precise the May 15 Prophecy  was in pinpointing which part of Turkey would play a role of destabilizer.

That because the Beast was here once before in the form of the Alexander the Great empire which did not extend into northern Turkey although his spirit of influence pervades that region (thus getting the support of the ummah)

However the technical and Territorial limits of the uprooting or controlling factor are limited to the southern portions.
 A Turkish military build-up on the northern Iraq border is fuelling fears of a confrontation between Ankara and Kurdistan's semi-independent government that could further destabilise the region as US forces begin to pull back.

See the above link as it provide just a small shadow for what is to come as the "spirit of iniquity is already at work"