Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Why Southern Turkey ?

2007 Why Southern Turkey ?

LastDayWatchers Turkey (southern Turkey to be more precise) in now at the doorstep of Iraq with the popular support of the people (think ummah) to bring a destabilizing action to what the United State thought was a success (they even handed over security to the Kurds) in what was billed as a"model" for Iraq
(That is the lie the failed leaders believe)

The Beast has different plan, notice how precise the May 15 Prophecy  was in pinpointing which part of Turkey would play a role of destabilizer.

That because the Beast was here once before in the form of the Alexander the Great empire which did not extend into northern Turkey although his spirit of influence pervades that region (thus getting the support of the ummah)

However the technical and Territorial limits of the uprooting or controlling factor are limited to the southern portions.
 A Turkish military build-up on the northern Iraq border is fuelling fears of a confrontation between Ankara and Kurdistan's semi-independent government that could further destabilise the region as US forces begin to pull back.

See the above link as it provide just a small shadow for what is to come as the "spirit of iniquity is already at work"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2007 The Ummah and Shadows of the Uprooting

LastDayWatchers know and understand the meaning of the word Ummahthe simple answer to that is the Muslim community or nations.

However a  deeper understanding is required to comprehend the spiritual hierarchy involved; which take authority for the call to action

Which unite the community; being called from whoever is viewed as the spiritual voice that best represent the view held by the Ummah.

The Spirit of Iniquity is now taking control of the Ummah, by preparing to uproot the 3 governments allotted to it .

You will see Lebanon and Syria fall, southern Turkey controlled, Iraq has already fallen into it hands through the Ummah and will hold until the Beast step on the scene and changed laws and times.

The United State believing a lie shall bleed almost to the point of death then the failed leaders first in fear then in admiration shall do its bidding ,,here are 2 articles 

That you would be well served to take note of because it is a further glimpse of the shadow of the ummah which is none other then the spirit of the Anti-Christ (Beast) "which is already at work".

Turkey-Iraq border tension grows
Tension is rising on Turkey's border with Iraq amid speculation Ankara may be about to launch an incursion to tackle Kurdish rebels. 

Turkey is continuing a military build up and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to rule out action. 

 Turkey blames rebels of the PKK group for a recent suicide bombing in Ankara and a landmine attack on troops The PKK has been fighting for an ethnic homeland since 1984. 

Turkey blames the group for 30,000 deaths since then. 

 May 20: Start of the fighting in Tripoli and Nahr al-Bared 
 Fighting began early in the morning after a police raid on a house in Tripoli which was apparently being used by militants from Fatah al-Islam. 

The militant group subsequently began shooting at the Lebanese security forces who returned fire, triggering clashes in the vicinity of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli. T

The Prime Minister of Malayisa was qouted as saying 
We are now at a crossroads in our history as an ummah (Muslim community). Never in the history of the ummah ... have we faced such great odds Malaysian Prime Minister

Until we blog again keep Watching

Thursday, May 24, 2007

2007 Shadows of the May 15th Prophecy

LastDayWatchers to show the Bible, the Stars and the Great Pyramid of Giza are correct about this generation being the one that will enter into the Great Tribulation; the blog I began on May 15th, 2007

Here are 2 independent articles from two credible news sources (I call them shadows of thing to come) please go to these web link to pull up the entire article ,I just put a few note below

Iraq's al-Sadr harbors ambitious plans
By HAMZA HENDAWI and QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writers Tue May 22, 2:59 PM ET
In Shiite terms, this translates into making society sufficiently pure for the return of the so-called Hidden Imam

Much of the Sadrists' resolve to create an Islamic society, according to the lawmakers and aides, has to do with the movement's strong messianic convictions.  

A descendant of Islam's Prophet Muhammad who disappeared as a child in the 9th century. Shiites believe he will return one day to bring justice to Earth
 "The hidden imam is our savior "said Amer al-Husseini, a cleric and a senior aide to al-Sadr in Baghdad. "We need to prepare for his return, both ideologically and practically.

To that end, al-Sadr yanked his five ministers from al-Maliki's unpopular government last month and ordered his Mahdi Army militia to go underground while the U.S. military stages what is likely to be its last major bid to quiet the capital for the full story of this article go to

"We want an Islamic system," said Nassar al-Rubaie, a Sadrist lawmaker. "We want a presidential system that will produce someone with a power similar to that of a Muslim caliph."


The events in Nahr al-Bared may have come as a surprise, but to some this was bound to happen. 

According to US journalist Seymour Hersh,the redirection, 

A grand strategy of the White House, is an American-Saudi plan employed to weaken Iran and Hezbollah, or what has been called the “Shiite crescent”, and widened sectarian conflict between Shiite and Sunni. 
Hersh defines four components to this grand plan: 

1) assure the security of Israel, in particular against Iran; 

2) support by Saudi Arabia of Hamas and Fatah talks and an end to attacks on Israel; 

3) counteract Shiite ascendance in the region with the help of the Sunni nations; 

4) provide funding, from the Saudi government and with US approval, to weaken the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

These articles shows the continued erosion of US interest in the middle east and the increase of shiite ideology for the hidden Imam who will uproot Iraq (the headquarters) along with Lebanon and Syria, Jordan, Turkey & Pakistan, 

Look at the post I blogged on MAY 15th 2007  then see Shadows of things to come 

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2007 May 15th Prophecy for LastDayWatchers

To those of you who watch and land upon this blog

I'm sharing with you things to look for in these last days
The time suggested by the bible, the Stars in the heavens and the Great Pyramid of Giza are correct then we are indeed living in the last days before Jesus come to set up his kingdom.

Those of you who are wise enough to know; the beast or commonly referred to as the anti-Christ is about to come on the world stage with his rising up coming from Iraq by way of Iran

The beast is now in the the bottomless pit, will be release in these last days

This same beast was here once before when it possessed Alexander The Great .

The Bible, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Stars all foretell that in Iraq will come a man of Peace; who the shia Muslims will believe him to be the Hidden Imam.

He will uproot these 3 nations states Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, from Iran and control Turkey particularly southern Turkey.

He will be a godsend to the rest of the world because he will have a solution for the problems in Iraq by solving the Shia - Sunni divide with Peace! 

This beast will present the answers to the Palestinian question which the Israeli will embrace and the European countries will willingly give him their power

 Blunting any remaining superpower status of the United States, who will lose power because of failed leadership at home and abroad (Israel).

Which will lead to the signing of the final status of the Oslo accords, which will start the time clock for the final 7 years which the bible calls The Great Tribulation; which is really The Time of Jacob's Trouble;  at which end Jesus returns and set up his kingdom for 1000 years.
Now there is a whole lot to show and tell regarding this beast and how he comes to powers and how United States lose power, how you can tell it is the same demonic force that possessed Alexander the Great (none other than the Son Of Satan). However God is looking for those who have the faith to believe!